Why the Utah Jazz are the best team in the NBA

Why the Utah Jazz are the best team in the NBA

The Utah Jazz are dominating the NBA this season being the only team, which is in the Top-5 of the league in both ends of the floor. The Jazz has an excellent record so far thanks to their incredible shooting, their return to elite level in defense and the right reapportionment of the team’s roles by Quin Snyder.

The Jazz are shooting the ball in great volume leading the league in attempts (42.2) and three-point makes (16.9), while they found the best possible piece to help their bench remain effective in offense in Jordan Clarkson. Also, they put Derrick Favors in the back-up center role helping the squad against ‘smaller’ bigs that are a commodity in the modern NBA.

The return to AN elite defense level

The Utah Jazz were 13th in DefRtg last season being pretty mediocre in their most known feature of their squad, especially under Quin Snyder. This year, Utah has returned to their standard defensive effectiveness being a Top-5 team in advance defensive metrics and opponents’ points per game.

In particular, Quin Snyder’s team is limiting its’ opponents to 44-percent from the field allowing 106.3 points per game, which is the third best among the rest of the league. Utah is also allowing their opponents to shoot league -lowest 31.4 attempts from three sending their opponents purposefully in the paint, where Gobert is more comfortable in altering shots.

Rudy Gobert has increased his BLK% from last season going up to 73.3-percent instead of the 68.8-percent, who averaged during the 2019/2020 campaign. The Jazz also remain one of the top rebounding teams increasing their effectiveness by nearly 3-percent in games this season.

More specifically, they are getting the 53.4-percent (51.9-percent last season) of the available rebounds per 100 possessions. More importantly, they got better in securing offensive rebounds(30.0-percent) having the second best OREB% in the league rising from the bottom-10(20th) ranking they had last season.

The Utah…Rockets

The Jazz’s defense is the basis of their resurgence as the best team in the NBA, however the biggest difference comparing to last season, is the ‘3>2’ mentality. Utah is shooting seven more threes than last year leading the NBA with 42.4 per game.

They are shooting 39.5-percent from deep making three more 3-point shots than last season’s 13.4 per game. The Jazz has increased their catch-and-shoot three-point attempts shooting six more than last season 22 attempts per contest. They are still making in a high clip shooting 40.8-percent in those situations.

They are third in the league in catch-and-shoot makes(10.8) increasing their three-point frequency in those situations by 5-percent (30.6%). Furthermore, Utah is shooting 21.9 wide open threes per game thanks to their great ball-movement, which increase the probability of making a good use of those shots.

That’s the reason why the Quin Snyder’s squad is pretty effective making shots that involved zero dribbles. In particular, Utah is attempting 26.9 of shots that involved no dribbling making them on 40.1-percent clip. Utah is getting to the right spots in the court without over-dribbling or allowing any player to become a ball-stopper.

Most importantly, they have the right superstars with the right personnel to surroundthem with Jordan Clarkson, Derrick Favors and Joe Inglis being an important part of what the Jazz are trying to do.

The X-Factors

The Utah Jazz are condemning their opponents to blowouts with the help of the great personnel they had to surround Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Jordan Clarkson, Mike Conley and Derrick Favors are three of the most important factors on Utah’s roster

More specifically, Jordan Clarkson seems to have found his footing in Quin Snyder’s system getting in the floor to scorch the opponent’s bench unit. The Jazz scores 117.7 points per 100 possessions in 727 minutes with Clarkson in the floor with the Missouri product averaging 18.2 points in nearly 26 minutes per game.

He is shooting 38.2-percent from three-point range on 8.4 attempts per game. The Jazz is on plus-9.7 as a team with Clarkson being in the floor. However, the most significant change from last season is Mike Conley’s presence, which elevates his team in the upper-echelon of the league.

Conley took his time in getting in sync with the Quin Snyder system playing a less ball-dominant role than his Memphis Grizzlies years. The veteran guard leads the league in net rating (17.7) averaging 16.5 points on 45-percent shooting from the field and a career-high 59.8 True Shooting percentage.

The veteran also dishes 5.8 assists per contest, while he also attempts a career-high 6.8 threes per game making them on also career-high 41-percent clip. Any three-man combination starting with Conley has been incredibly effective so far this season especially in the defensive end.

More importantly, the trio of Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert outplays their opponents by a plus-17.6 allowing just 99.6 points per 100 possessions. The star power is always important in the playoffs and Mitchell. Conley an Gobert could add to the winning potential of the team during the post season.

Furthermore, Derrick Favors, Royce O’Neale and Joe Inglis is also important pieces of what the Jazz are offering this season. Favors is an important asset in rebounding and guarding smaller bigs that could cause problems to Gobert. O’Neale is great on his two-way role shooting the lights outs(43-percent) from deep.

Joe Ingles is normally offering great play making value for his team, especially when he’attacking the closeouts averaging nearly five assists per game. Also, he is in a great shooting spree making a career-high 44.2-percent on 5.4 attempts per game from deep and an also incredible career-high 51.1-percent from the field.

The Best Team in the NBA

The regular season this year is always a chance for a new team to make the headlines every week, however the Jazz is the most stable team in the league besides the Los Angeles Lakers. The Jazz has won 23 of their 28 games so far this season having a different player who excels in every game.

The postseason is a different story every year. The regular season’s approach is not always translates especially when you’re relying on creating a huge bulk of open threes like the Jazz do, however the Jazz’s fans don’t need to have that in mind, as Utah is dominating team after team in the West and the East.

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