Heroball #7: Giannis dominates as the reigning MVP

Heroball #7: Giannis dominates as the reigning MVP

Giannis Antetokounmpo is at his best as the Milwaukee Bucks recovered from a five-game losing streak with a four-game winning streak.

Antekounmpo was taking over even before the last four contests, however in those matchups his teammates followed him and help the Bucks claim four victories.

The reigning MVP is rolling through the last four games averaging 35.5 points on 54.8-percent from the field and 33.3-perent from deep in nearly four attemtps per game.

He is on +17.8, when he is on the floor for his team as he registers nearly 14 rebounds per game along with 6.0 assists, 1.0 steals and 1.5 blocks per contest.

The Bucks are on a minus-18.7 in DefRtg and a minus-12.2 in advanced offensive rating, when Giannis is sitting out for a rest in the last four games

As a team, Milwaukee is on a plus-24, when the reigning MVP is taking the floor during the latest winning streak. The Bucks are outscoring their opponents in the paint using Antetokounmpo as a battering ram.

Giannis is attacking from the central areas of the court creating open shots for his teammates and himself. In the last four games, Antetokounmpo made 80-percent of his shots in the restricted area with his team shooting a 40.7-percent from deep.

The uptick in free-throws Attempts

The Bucks will need great shooting, when it matters, and Antetokounmpo will continue being a dominant force, when he’s attacking the paint.

If he continues to shoot over 73-percent from the free-throw line, the Bucks will find an easy way to make up for points, when they are not making their outside shots.

Antetokounmpo need to work certain parameters in his game, and free-throws is one of those, as Milwaukee is on a 7-3 record in games that its superstar had more than 11 free-throw attempts.

They are on an 8-4 record when Antetokounmpo is making more than eight in a game. In the last four wins, the reigning MVP attempts 14.3 free-throws per game making them in a 78.6-percent clip.

The Bucks will need more than Antetokounmpo’s MVP form to win a title this season, however, when their superstar is playing well, his team becomes a really tough opponent to face.


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